“The Center for Right Relationship is a thought leader in Relationship Systems thinking, and the premier training organization for coaches and allied professionals in the theory and practice of Relationship Systems Work™. Our community of coaches and consultants is comprised of over 2,000 practitioner in 20 countries, and we interact, directly and through this body of practitioners, with thousands of companies and organizations globally.

In July of 2009 we engaged Tezi Advisory, Inc to consult with us for the restructuring of our business model and to help with a plan to raise the capital required to realize on that plan.

They did a phenomenal job of showing us how to get clear on our business model and to prioritize, which resulted in us having a much more focused company.

In the process of working with us Tezi opened up their incredible contact network, which resulted in us being introduced to key players in our business development.

In addition, they structured a partnership with a new training partner in Egypt and that has resulted in our training network expanding into a new and market.

All in all, they have challenged us, shown us how to create more revenues and have done a great job of helping us lay the foundation for a very prosperous future, and we are continuing to work with them on new initiatives.

And……..they are fun to work with. Nice people. And we trust them.”

Marita Fridjhon, CEO, www.centerforrightrelationship.com

“In the midst of the growth, expansion and thousands of details of running our business, within just 6 short weeks working with TeziAdvisory’s direct guidance, support, coaching and teaching, we have increased our cash flow by 105%, moved into merger and acquisition discussions with a competitor to collaborate on having a global presence, and closed the deal on a strategic partnership, resulting in a potential 100% membership growth.”
Melinda Cohan, www.CoachesConsole.com

“TeziAdvisory not only brings an enormous amount of knowledge and first-hand experience in business building and funding; they also brings an active and creative mind and rolodex they are more than willing to share to help their clients grow, AND they step in and takes action when and where appropriate.”
Kate Steinbacher, PCC www.TheCoachingAdvantageLLC.com

“TeziAdvisory made the personal commitment to learn about our company in its current state, create a plan and execute all while having a molding, changing company around them. Their “unlimited experience” has created an environment of rapid growth and increased revenue. I highly recommend TeziAdvisory.”
Joanna Van Vleck, CEO of The Trunk Club www.trunkclub.com

“TeziAdvisory has been instrumental in guiding me through a series of business and life decisions. My business is much more valuable today with their assistance than it would have been if I tried to go it alone.”
Rich Benci, former President of www.RealAge.com