Making the Big Jump in a Challenging Economy

Is your company on the verge of major growth? Here is a sure-fire formula that wins in ANY economy.

Initiative + Creativity + Bold Action = Success

Think capital is scarce? Think again.

Hard economic times have often spurred some of the most famous deals in history. There are more chances to make acquisitions or create strategic alliances and creatively raise funds than you think possible.


Taking the Chaos out of Crises

You’re an entrepreneur and you’re in a crisis. Oh what a surprise – sarcasm fully intended.

As entrepreneurs, we often deal with crises, sometime juggling multiple challenges on different organizational levels as well as those from external sources. It simply goes with the territory.

The question is when you’re in a crisis, how do you react and respond? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Recommendations on Raising Capital

Raising Capital – Fun and easy or a pain in the %*%$#? And yes, it is almost always hard work.

Some entrepreneurs find it very easy and fun to raise capital. Others are terrified at the prospect and feel like they’re begging, cap in hand. Either way, being properly informed and having the right mindset will put you in the best position to get what you need.


The Art of the Strategic Alliance

Strategic alliances can make or break a company’s success. Choose the wrong partner and you could lose your ROI and compromise the company’s reputation. Choose the right one and watch your productivity and revenue grow.

When you’re in expansion-mode, it’s critical to develop partnerships that work on a win-win basis. The key is to remember the process doesn’t have to be overwhelming.
Whether you are aware of it or not, there are organizations out there looking for you as a partner, they may not know it yet. First and foremost, you have to be clear what you’re looking for in a partner as well as on what you will bring to the table.


Acquisitions 101

Fact: Acquisitions bring two (or more) companies together so that the acquiring company can grow.

Fact: There are two kinds of acquisitions. Okay, well, there are technically four kinds of acquisitions – a) public or b) private.  Here are the other two:

  • Acquiring companies to expand and add some additional market share to create an offensive or defensive position.
  • Using acquisitions as a strategy for rolling up a fragmented industry, which can be really, really powerful.


Creating the Perfect Business Model in Just 2 Hours

Every organization needs a business model. Without one, you’re pretty much dead in the water. You certainly won’t operate effectively or properly scope the needs of your customers without this critical framework.

It’s the master plan that both internally and externally describes and measures the value of your enterprise. It can be used to describe numerous core functions like the company’s mission and vision, policies and procedures as well sales projection mechanisms.