About TeziAdvisory

TeziAdvisory are executives who who partner with and guide passionate entrepreneurs who live and breathe business. We are seasoned entrepreneurs and strategists who are highly focused on delivering measurable results to the companies that we invest in. As serial entrepreneurs ourselves, our passion and expertise lies in helping companies that have the potential for growth realize their full potential.

Whether our partners are looking for more capital or entertaining the thought of a lucrative strategic partnership, our experience and network delivers the results required. With our unique experience, we have successfully managed over 100 acquisitions, founded or co-founded over two dozen companies and raised over $100 million in capital – a rare feat in business.

Our goal is to work alongside entrepreneurs and leaders to quickly discover and unlock the company’s assets to achieve more than they might think possible.

Our commitment to our highly energized, passionate partners is to provide the same enthusiasm and dedication to help them attain the next level of achievement.

Wonder where we got our name?

Tezi:  It means speed in Greek, same thing in Hindi and Urdu.

You don’t have precious time to waste. Our laser focused approach will get you the results you need.