Making the Big Jump in a Challenging Economy

Is your company on the verge of major growth? Here is a sure-fire formula that wins in ANY economy.

Initiative + Creativity + Bold Action = Success

Think capital is scarce? Think again.

Hard economic times have often spurred some of the most famous deals in history. There are more chances to make acquisitions or create strategic alliances and creatively raise funds than you think possible.

Where’s the beef? Where you “see” it.

Don’t look in all the old familiar places. Be open to the unconventional. Go ahead, colour outside the lines and new, exciting business opportunities will start just start happening seemingly out of thin air.

Must valuations always be large ones? Not necessarily.

Just because a company’s valuation appears to be at a low or bargain level doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to get involved. Take advantage of this by making an acquisition or creating a strategic partnership or alliance.

Like attracts like.

A challenged economy often forces many business people to become highly creative. If you put yourself in creative mode, the odds are very good that you will connect with others who have the same mindset. Find the ones who are willing to collaborate and make a deal.

Here are a couple of examples on how successful big jumps occurred during economic downturns:

  • During the 1990s recession, a company that Gord McDougall, the Tezi Advisory founder was the CEO of, became the second largest ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Canada by doing 47 acquisitions in a one-year period.
  • More recently, a Tezi Advisory client, an oil and gas exploration company based in Texas, made three strategic acquisitions in a row that catapulted them to a valuation in excess of $45 million over the course of three years.

Initiative + Creativity + Bold Action = Success
Fuse it into your brain so any time you feel challenged by taking your company to the next level when the chips look like their down, turn the tables and put the formula into action. Then simply rinse and repeat as necessary.

It is the goal of the Tezi Advisory blog to bring you valuable information, tips and tools you can implement right away in your everyday work and business relationships. Plus we’ll also be putting forth some though-provoking questions to keep you on your toes. Our aim is to help you be as creative, open and forward-thinking as possible in your approach to building your company’s growth. Here’s to your big jump!

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