CHANGE OF BUSINESS MODEL. We no longer offer advisory services. We partner with companies and their leadership. We bring capital and expertise. This website certainly talks about our expertise, now we invest in and help grow businesses as your partner.

Welcome to TeziAdvisory. We recognize that many entrepreneurs come to our site not only to find out more about us but because our existing partners have referred them to TeziAdvisory to find out how we could partner with them to significantly grow their business.

Our partners come to us when they are looking for a big jump in the size of their company, or when they need serious problems solved – whether it is funding issues, cash flow management, acquisition plan, strategic partnering plan or to deal with a crisis.

Capitalizing our vast network to deliver immediate, resounding results.

TeziAdvisory provides entrepreneurs with guidance, clarity and valuable tools to dramatically increase their company’s valuation. And we don’t just advise, we invest and we will gladly roll up our sleeves and get in the trenches with you and do the work right beside you.